Monday, May 13, 2013

"Me, Wake Up! Mini: Broccoli" in Progress

Hello everyone :D! This is Squeka :D! Ready for another "Me, Wake Up!" Mini series? :D

So, we are currently still working on more "Me, Wake Up!" Mini series :D. This time is Mini: Broccoli. The dream will have a lot of green and broccoli things :D. The project as already started several days ago. It wasn't started early in each month as usual since my mind got KO'ed for paying all my friends (there were more than 20 drawings) who helped me helping all my previous 4 games. I paid them with drawing for each of their character as payment :3. Finally I paid them all after struggling looking for idea and concept related with each character =w=. So, the game is planned to be released this May.

Here's some screenshot of the progress of the game. There might be a lot of changes when the game is released.

Progress of Title Screen

Progress of Gameplay

We are also planning to add more features for the game since some players requested for several features for many times so we decided to add more necessary feature to the game. Not only that, I will try to improve the graphic on the release because my drawing skill is still in training xD.

Also, this game will be made for the 1GAM on May month. There might be several weeks left but we will try to finish it as soon as possible because it will give us more time to improve other game which is from other member. Btw, visit my 1GAM page too : :3.

That's all I can say for the project. Thank you very much for reading this and your support ^^. Hope we can finish and release "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Broccoli" in month May :3.


  1. Ciyeee ...
    Project nya nice ... :D

    From Ntruth (minecraft - Rayncraft ID)

    1. Makacih :3

      Alo NTuth yg dari Minecraft :3
      Aku td lupa nanya balik, factionnya FutureWild jg gak td? :3