Sunday, June 30, 2013

Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake

TitleMe, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedJune 30th, 2013 ICT


"Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake" is another puzzle-escape game of "Me, Wake Up!" series in which you have  to awake a sleeping bear which was fallen to sleep after drawing a cake and he is late to wake up. Help him to wake up from his dream by solving and exploring the cake world inside his dream.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Walkthrough / Solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Broccoli"

This one is solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Broccoli" :D. If you want to play the game, click here or visit

  • Find way to plant a broccoli
  • Find way to get its essence
  • Some "Thinking Out the Box" skill might be needed
  • Beware of red herring items (you should search it about what it means)

  1. Click the glass of water (to get Glass of Water)
  2. Click the tomato basket (to get Tomato)
  3. Click the jar (to get Jar)
  4. Click the