Monday, April 29, 2013

Larron's Last 60 Seconds

TitleLarron's Last 60 Seconds
AuthorSqueka Artika
GenreButton Mash
ReleasedApril 29th, 2013 ICT


An insect will die in 60 seconds. Help it to play the lamp before its end.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Progress of "Manggisa Vs Snowball" Project

Hello everyone :)! This is Vsio Stitched posting again. This time I will post my progress of "Manggisa Vs Snowball" project :). This is more to the code implementation than the graphic.

So, it's been 5 days since I posted the start of this project (I mean this: ). I had been coding the gameplay and the game system. I also reused some source codes from "Me, Wake Up" series which fasten a bit the progress of my game. Finally, I made the prototype.

So, here are some screenshots of the progress of my game, they are mockup and prototype combined (I took the screenshot of my prototype then added more mockup so I will know more what to add in the next progress) but I will keep calling it prototype:

Title Screen prototype

Difficulty Selection prototype

Gameplay prototype

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Start of "Manggisa Vs Snowball" Project

Hello everyone! :) This is Vsio StitchedThe programmer who has been programming the "Me, Wake Up!" series. This time I will try to make my own game too like Squeka did :).

So, Squeka has been making her "Me, Wake Up!" series, so I decided to make my own game series too this time especially I made so games too in the past with title "Shaper", "Shaper In Ancient", "Shaper Shield", "Shaper Earth Protector", and "Destined Way" (You can see them all here: (^o^). However, because I was so busy and very lack of motivation, it was too hard to me to finish any of my own game those years. But since I saw how Squeka successfully made her 4 games each month in a row using her simple game, I am more motivated than before so I feel I like to continue making my own game :).

So, the game I will make is a Shooting game with title "Manggisa VS Snowball". It is a game which you play as a mangosteen fruit (character will be improved again) who have to defeat a huge snowball which has so many HP which I planned it around 1 million HP in normal difficulty. It will be a long game. However, you can upgrade the character and pick up power up in the game so defeating the enemy will be easier and sooner (but not "very" sooner :p).

So, here some concept image of the game. I might change it in later progress (of cource I would change it as it is too *pip* my eyes :p).

Title Screen Concept

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Walkthrough / Solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy"

This one is solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy" :D. If you want to play the game, click here or visit
  1. Click the red bottle (to get a Empty Spicy Sauce Bottle)
  2. Click the milk powder (to get a Pouch of Milk Powder)
  3. Click the spoon (some part is blocked by backchair) (to get a Spoon)
  4. Click glass with

Monday, April 8, 2013

Me, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy

TitleMe, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedApril 8th, 2013 ICT


"Me, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy" is another puzzle-escape game of "Me, Wake Up!" series in which you have to awake a sleeping bear from his dream by solving the puzzles inside his dream by interacting with the environment in his dream. This is also another Mini series of "Me, Wake Up!". As usual, the