Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Progress 2 of "Manggisa On Ice"

          Hello, Everyone ^^! This is Vsio Stitched. In this post, I will show the progress of "Manggisa: On Ice" game progress. Before that, I have changed the title from "Manggisa Vs Snowball" into "Manggisa: On Ice" to make the title more fit. So, it's been several months since I posted about the game progress. I was very busy doing my college things, but on the last month, I was able to do progress of my games since I had more free times.

          So, there is a lot of changes to my games. The parts that really took long to make progress was making concept designs of the game. There were a lot of changes of design concept because sometimes I saw it unfit or too complex.

Now, some progress of my game. 

Title Screen (I'm still thinking whether to add "On Ice" text since it will be its first debut)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Walkthrough / Solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Islet"

This one is solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake" :D. If you want to play the game, click here or visit

Summary/ Hint 
  • Collect all things in the islet
  • Get all the papers from bottles
  • Explore the underwater area
  • Note: If you get smaller bubble first instead of big bubbles, get Blue Drinking Straw to blow and make it bigger.

  1. Click the orange door inside the dream (to Islet (Front))
  2. Pick up potato with stick (to get a Stick and a Potato)
  3. Pick up a Gum on tree
  4. Go behind (to Islet (Back))
  5. Pick up Plant

Me, Wake Up! Mini: Islet

TitleMe, Wake Up! Mini: Islet
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedAugust 3rd, 2013 ICT


"Me, Wake Up! Mini: Islet" is a puzzle-escape game of "Me, Wake Up!" series in which you have  to awake a sleeping bear which is fallen to sleep when he is taking a bath from last night and he is late to wake up. Help him to wake up from his dream by solving and exploring the islet world inside his dream.