Thursday, January 31, 2013

Me, Wake Up! : Spring

Title Me, Wake Up! : Spring
Author Squeka Artika
Genre Puzzle
Released Jan 5th, 2013 WIB


"Me, Wake Up!: Spring" is a puzzle-escape game in which you have to awake a sleeping bear from his dream by solving the puzzles inside his dream by interacting with the environment in his dream. The bear has has been sleeping for too long that you need to
wake him up from his too-long sleep.

How to Play

  • Click items in the dream for certain effects such examining, picking up, going to, etc object.
  • You can combine two items in inventory or environment by clicking an item in inventory and click the other item in inventory or environtment for effects such opening locked door, melting something, etc.



  • Author: Squeka Artika
  • Graphic Designing: Squeka Artika
  • Game Concept: Squeka Artika
  • SFX composing: Vsio Stitched
  • BGM composing: Vsio Stitched
  • Programming: Vsio Stitched
  • Publishing: Ace of Espada, Squeka Artika
  • Content Reviewing: Ace of Espada
  • Testing: Ace of Espada


To play the game, you can play here.

Walkthrough / Solution

- Entry for 1GAM month January
- Entry for 1GAM Spring theme