Monday, February 4, 2013

Walkthrough / Solution of "Me, Wake Up! : Spring"

Okay, this is my walkthrough/solution for my "Me, Wake Up! : Spring" game :). If you want to play the game, go into this link or

  1. Pick up the Crowbar
  2. Unlock the sealed door on the right with Crowbar
  3. Click the door on the right (to Vast)
  4. Pick up the Wooden Card
  5. Go back (to My Room)
  6. Unlock the sealed door on the left with Crowbar
  7. Click the door on the left (to Lock Room)
  8. Click the blue hole (to Blue Cave)
  9. Pick up the Steel Brick
  10. Pick up the Green Square beside minecart
  11. Go back (to Lock Room)
  12. Click the picture of the Calendar (to Sun of Beach)
  13. Pick up the Sun
  14. Go to right (to Ice Pond)
  15. Melt the ice cube with the Sun
  16. Pick up the Shovel
  17. Go to right (to Pole Garden)
  18. Pick up the Red Circle
  19. Cut the pole (with line at the right) with the Axe (will get Blue Pole)
  20. Combine the Steel Brick with the Blue Pole (will get Steel Hammer)
  21. Go right (to Ice Pond)
  22. Go back (to Sun of Beach)
  23. Dig the X mark with Shovel
  24. Click the gray ladder (to Cheese Gate)
  25. Melt the brown cheese door with Sun
  26. Pick Up the Blue Triangle
  27. Climb down the ladder (to Sun of Beach)
  28. Go back (to Lock Room)
  29. Insert the Wooden Card into card slot (will unlock left door in Vast)
  30. Go back (to My Room)
  31. Click the right door (to Vast)
  32. Click the left door (to Symbols)
  33. Put the Blue Triangle into the triangle slot
  34. Put the Green Square into the square slot
  35. Put the Red Circle into circle slot
  36. Pick up the Triangle Key
  37. Pick up the Square Key
  38. Pick up the Circle Key
  39. Go back (to the Vast)
  40. Unlock the triangle lock with Triangle Key
  41. Unlock the square lock with Square Key
  42. Unlock the circle lock with Circle Key
  43. Go to right door (to the Prize Room)
  44. Keep clicking the box until you get Coal
  45. Combine the Hammer and Coal (will get Diamond)
  46. Go back (to Vast)
  47. Go back (to My Room)
  48. Go to left door (to Lock Room)
  49. Use the Crowbar on the safe
  50. Use the Diamond on the protection glass
  51. Pick up the Bucket
  52. Click the calendar (to Sun of Beach)
  53. Go right (to Ice Pond)
  54. Fill the Bucket with the pond's water (will get Bucket with Water)
  55. Go back (to Sun of Beach)
  56. Go back (to Lock Room)
  57. Go back (to My Room)
  58. Use the Bucket with Water on the sleeping bear
  59. Congratulation! You won the game! :D
And that's the Walkthrough/Solution of the game. If you still have some question, comment on this post ;).

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