Friday, March 29, 2013

"Me, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy" Project

Hello everyone :D! So, we currently are making the next mini series of Me, Wake Up! This time is Mini: Spicy where there will be a lot of ot and spicy stuffs inside the game. The project has been started several days ago especially searching for ideas and concept. This game will be released at month April.

Here's some screenshot and title screen of the game. There might be some change when the release, but there might be not.

"Title Screen" screenshot
"Gameplay" screenshot

We also added more features into the game, but I won't tell :D. It is because it won't be a lot of new features, just some few :D. Just like our previous Me, Wake Up! games where there is always change because personally, I am still learning about making better games, but since I am often busy at something else, it is better creating smaller games but done sooner and make smaller change in next games ^^;.

Additionally, this game will be made as entrant for 1GAM month April. I haven't written about 1GAM et, so here some brief. It is a challenge which the entrants must submit a game each month from January to December. You can submit any game you made into this challenge. There will be no prize joining this challenge. You don't have to create 12 games too.  This is just for fun, so let's have fun :D. If you are interested, you can join here: If you are looking for me (Squeka) in 1GAM, this is my profile page:

That's all I can say for the project. Thank you very much for reading and for your support. Hope we can finish and release "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Spicy" in month April :3.

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