Friday, March 8, 2013

Walkthrough / Solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Bubbles"

This one is solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Bubbles" :D. If you want to play the game, click here or visit
  1. Click bubble bottle (to get Bubble Bottle)
  2. Click bubble wand (to get Bubble Wand)
  3. Combine Bubble Bottle with Bubble Wand (to get Bubble Bottle with Wand)
  4. Click door inside dream (to Bathroom)
  5. Click the curtain 
  6. Pick up the Green Soap
  7. Click purple door at right (to Plain Bubble)
  8. Pick up the floating Bubble Key
  9. Pick up the Stone
  10. Combine Green Soap with Stone (to get Soap Powder)
  11. Go back (to Bathroom)
  12. Click the curtain
  13. Click the reddish white door at left (to Plain Bubble)
  14. Use Bubble Key on bubble chest
  15. Pick up Needle
  16. Pop the red bubble with powder using Needle
  17. Pick up Gunpowder
  18. Go back (to Bathroom)
  19. Click the curtain
  20. Click the purple door at right (to Plain Bubble)
  21. Pop the orange bubble with string using Needle
  22. Pick up the String
  23. Pop the green bubble with match using Needle
  24. Pick up the Soapy Match
  25. Go back (to Bathroom)
  26. Click the curtain
  27. Go to reddish white door at left (to Bubble Vast)
  28. Light the soapy match with bubble fire (to get Lit Soapy Match)
  29. Go back (to Bathroom)
  30. Click the wooden board on the bathtub
  31. Put Soap Powder inside the bathtub
  32. Put the Gunpowder inside the bathtub
  33. Put the String inside the bathtub
  34. Fill Bubble Bottle with Wand with water from bathtub into 
  35. Go back (to My Room)
  36. Use Bubble Bottle with Wand on "Me"
  37. Light the bubble bomb with Lit Soapy Match
  38. Congratulation! You won the game!

  1. You can pop bubbles with Lit Soapy Match
  2. The bubble bomb shape which is used on "Me", depends on what filled on Bubble Bottle with Wand from insidethe bathtub
  3. Lit Soapy Match can burn wooden board on bathtub and curtain

And that's the solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Bubbles" :D. If you have some question, feel free to comment here :D.

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