Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Progress of "Manggisa Vs Snowball" Project

Hello everyone :)! This is Vsio Stitched posting again. This time I will post my progress of "Manggisa Vs Snowball" project :). This is more to the code implementation than the graphic.

So, it's been 5 days since I posted the start of this project (I mean this: http://kwek-vwek.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-start-of-manggisa-vs-snowball.html ). I had been coding the gameplay and the game system. I also reused some source codes from "Me, Wake Up" series which fasten a bit the progress of my game. Finally, I made the prototype.

So, here are some screenshots of the progress of my game, they are mockup and prototype combined (I took the screenshot of my prototype then added more mockup so I will know more what to add in the next progress) but I will keep calling it prototype:

Title Screen prototype

Difficulty Selection prototype

Gameplay prototype

Option prototype

Stats prototype

Upgrade prototype

I know the graphics are still messed up especially I added more mockup inside the prototype screenshots :p, but I don't focus on how good the graphics now (and I won't do the graphics stuff at the final :p) since it can prolong the time needed to build the prototype. Additionally, they will be changed at the realease.

So, that's all I can say (^w^). Thank you very much for reading this post and hope this game can be finished.


  1. Maaf saya cuma bertanya, proyeknya sudah sampai mana? Terus dual language juga gak kaya Me, wake up?

    1. Halo 81sby :).
      Proyeknya sudah jauh progressnya bahkan lebih baik dari screenshot2 yg ada di postingan ini :).
      Bahasanya, rencana juga dual.

      Ntar aku tulis postingan blog soal progressnya ;).

    2. Halo 81sby, progress proyek berikutnya udah kubikin ;) :

      Terima kasih udah bertanya soal progressnya ;).