Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Start of "Manggisa Vs Snowball" Project

Hello everyone! :) This is Vsio StitchedThe programmer who has been programming the "Me, Wake Up!" series. This time I will try to make my own game too like Squeka did :).

So, Squeka has been making her "Me, Wake Up!" series, so I decided to make my own game series too this time especially I made so games too in the past with title "Shaper", "Shaper In Ancient", "Shaper Shield", "Shaper Earth Protector", and "Destined Way" (You can see them all here: (^o^). However, because I was so busy and very lack of motivation, it was too hard to me to finish any of my own game those years. But since I saw how Squeka successfully made her 4 games each month in a row using her simple game, I am more motivated than before so I feel I like to continue making my own game :).

So, the game I will make is a Shooting game with title "Manggisa VS Snowball". It is a game which you play as a mangosteen fruit (character will be improved again) who have to defeat a huge snowball which has so many HP which I planned it around 1 million HP in normal difficulty. It will be a long game. However, you can upgrade the character and pick up power up in the game so defeating the enemy will be easier and sooner (but not "very" sooner :p).

So, here some concept image of the game. I might change it in later progress (of cource I would change it as it is too *pip* my eyes :p).

Title Screen Concept

Gameplay Concept

Upgrade Screen Concept

Because I am currently very busy with education things and making the system might be longer (excluding using source code from previous games), it might need a long time to finish the game despite it is planned to be just a simple game right now.

So, that's all I can say (^w^). Thank you very much for reading this post and hope this game can be finished.

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