Saturday, June 1, 2013

Walkthrough / Solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Broccoli"

This one is solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Broccoli" :D. If you want to play the game, click here or visit

  • Find way to plant a broccoli
  • Find way to get its essence
  • Some "Thinking Out the Box" skill might be needed
  • Beware of red herring items (you should search it about what it means)

  1. Click the glass of water (to get Glass of Water)
  2. Click the tomato basket (to get Tomato)
  3. Click the jar (to get Jar)
  4. Click the green door (to Broccoli Village)
  5. Take the Hoe
  6. Throw Tomato to the "Do not Enter!" sign
  7. Click the 3rd door (to Green Room)
  8. Take the S Tag
  9. Take the Bucket
  10. Take the Green Ice Cream Cone
  11. Use Jar and click the green cream (to get Jar of Green Cream)
  12. Go back (to Broccoli Village)
  13. Go to 4th door (behind 3rd door) (to Broccoli Forest)
  14. Take the Broccoli Seed
  15. Take the Baby Bottle
  16. Take the Faucet (it is inside green wisp)
  17. Go back (to Broccoli Village)
  18. Use Jar of Green Cream on tourist (to get Bag of Fertilizer and Bag of Fertilizer Powder). The tourist heart will be unbroken.
  19. Use Hoe on soil to tile it
  20. Plant Broccoli Seed on the tiled soil
  21. Give Bag of Fertilizer to the soil (click the soil, not the broccoli seed)
  22. Combine Baby Bottle with Bag of Fertilizer Powder (to get Baby Bottle of Fertilizer Powder)
  23. Use Glass of Water on Baby Bottle of Fertilizer Powder (to get Baby Bottle of Fertilizer Milk). The baby broccoli will grow
  24. Click the grown broccoli's bottle 3 times
  25. Take the Teat from grown broccoli's mouth 
  26. Combine Faucet with Teat (to get Faucet+Teat)
  27. Put the Faucet+Teat on the grown broccoli
  28. Give Bucket to the grown broccoli
  29. Click the Faucet+Teat. The bucket will be filled with juice and the grown broccoli will dry.
  30. Take the Bucket of Broccoli Juice
  31. Go to the 1st door (to the My Dining Room)
  32. Put the Green Ice Cream Cone on the bear's mouth
  33. Fill the green ice cream cone with Bucket of Broccoli Juice
  34. Congratulation! You won the game!

  • The Spoon, S Tag, and A Gold Pixel have no use ingame except as collection
  • To get the Spoon, find it in My Dining Room
  • To get A Gold Pixel, find it in Green Room (the size is 1 pixel, so you have search it carefully)

And that's the solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Broccoli" :D. If you have some question, feel free to comment here :D.


  1. Ini gimana nih :v
    Habis tanem brokoli, terus apa lagi ???

    1. Harus bikin susunya dulu
      Dah dapat bubuk?

    2. coba lem sesuatu yg patah :v

    3. punya jar? masukin sesuatu yg lengket :3

    4. Maksudnya Toples ??? Punya trus diapain ???

    5. Toples alias Jar
      masukin sesuatu yg lengket :3.
      Pasti td pas main nemu yg lengket :3

    6. Harusnya ada, tp gak bisa disentuh langsung, harus pakai toples ngambilnya

    7. Sesuatu yg hijau, ambil pakai toples di kamar hijau tadi

    8. Green Room
      Oah, pintunya yg ada signnya dah dibuka blm? :v

    9. Oah pantesan :v
      Coba cari cara agar tulisan di tanda itu jd "Enter", bukan "Do Not Enter" :v

    10. Habis ember isinya Jus brokoli trus diapain ???

    11. punya sesuatu yg hijau kerucut?
      kalau udah, fokus di ruang makan :3