Sunday, June 30, 2013

Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake

TitleMe, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake
AuthorSqueka Artika
ReleasedJune 30th, 2013 ICT


"Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake" is another puzzle-escape game of "Me, Wake Up!" series in which you have  to awake a sleeping bear which was fallen to sleep after drawing a cake and he is late to wake up. Help him to wake up from his dream by solving and exploring the cake world inside his dream.

How to Play

  • Click items in the dream for certain effects such examining, picking up, going to, etc object.
  • You can combine two items in inventory or environment by clicking an item in inventory and click the other item in inventory or environtment for effects such opening locked door, melting something, etc.
  • Click the "?" button in left top corner for Walkthrought/Hint.



  • Author: Squeka Artika
  • Graphic Designing: Squeka Artika
  • Game Concept: Squeka Artika
  • SFX composing: Vsio Stitched
  • BGM composing: Shin Enza, Vsio Stitched (Remixing)
  • Programming: Vsio Stitched
  • Translating: Squeka Artika
  • Publishing: Squeka Artika
  • Content Reviewing: Shin Enza, Artwaltz
  • Testing: Shin Enza, Artwaltz


To play the game, you can play here.

Walkthrough / Solution


- Entry for 1GAM month June


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Aww... why delete it? D:

      Btw, answering your question, it is there now :3.
      Yes, I didn't provide the link since it was teleporting the game from other dimension since there was something xD.

    2. ))Thanks for game! It is a pity that short...

    3. You're welcome :3
      Yeah, it is short since it is Mini ^^;
      But don't worry, we are currently developing the long one in the Main series :3.
      It will be a while, but instead of absence of a game each month, we will try to keep posting the Mini series :3.

  2. I too love mini games, but game especially was pleasant
    Me, Wake Up! : Spring! I will wait about impatience of an exit of new games! Thank you that please us with fine games! (excuse, I write through an online translator)

    1. Thank you very much for the support :3.
      I love "Me, Wake Up! : Spring" too especially the most since it is the first game I made and it leads me to more "Me, Wake Up!" series :3.
      Don't worry, I understand what you mean :3

  3. this is epic :D
    Ever think of Me Wake up! Internet ? That, your main character trapped on the internet, and there's also a lot of memes to like trollface or something like that :D

    1. Thanks :D
      Yeah, I have that in my list xD.
      But I still can't imagine completely enough yet to make it into the games xD.
      Especially the meme, I can't just use them especially if there is copyright things, even I already though some using parody version xD.

    2. oh okay :D
      good luck on your project :D

    3. Thank you and good luck with your project too :3.

  4. Kereeen :3
    Tapi masih belum sempat main satu pun, hoho XD
    Lain waktunya selalu keduluan hal yang lain :v

    1. Makacih :3
      Gpp, kapan2 kalau sempat :3

  5. hi Squeka Artika! and when approximately there will be a new game? )

    1. Hi Angel :3
      The new game be will around the end of the month of July in GMT :3
      (Approximately, it is at least at July 31st, 2013)

  6. how guessed my nickname - an angel? ) ) Thanks! i'll be waiting

    1. Maybe I shortened it? xD
      Thank you for waiting :3

  7. and I also forgot that my name can be reduced)))

  8. Hi Squeka Artika! It is a pity that you do not release new games, no longer do you plan escape?

    1. Hi Angelika :3, thank you for commenting. It's been a while I have been hiatus (in this blog) :3.

      I still release new games in my personal blog,, especially to focus on improving my art, story, and more.

      For escape games, I still have many plans for my future game. However, my programmer is busy with his college in his final semester right now.

    2. I looked at the blog, beautiful pictures! I thought that you program yourself. I also started to make games, but to draw I'm not very good )

    3. Thanks for checking my personal blog :3.
      Good luck making games. Don't worry about drawing, it will get improved from time to time, similar as mine when I did art for my first game "Me, Wake Up!" to my last released pdf game "A Knight and A Line".


    4. Thank you very much! I'm in another program to make games, there's no need to draw, but my first game was drawn) already 26 games created))

      And you the best of luck in creating games!

    5. Thank you and good luck too! :)