Saturday, August 3, 2013

Walkthrough / Solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Islet"

This one is solution of "Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake" :D. If you want to play the game, click here or visit

Summary/ Hint 
  • Collect all things in the islet
  • Get all the papers from bottles
  • Explore the underwater area
  • Note: If you get smaller bubble first instead of big bubbles, get Blue Drinking Straw to blow and make it bigger.

  1. Click the orange door inside the dream (to Islet (Front))
  2. Pick up potato with stick (to get a Stick and a Potato)
  3. Pick up a Gum on tree
  4. Go behind (to Islet (Back))
  5. Pick up Plant
  6. Pick up Scissor
  7. Pick up two Potato-es from something looks like smoke 
  8. Pick up Mirror
  9. Go behind (to Islet (Front))
  10. Use Mirror on Spider 
  11. Pick up String
  12. Combine Stick with String (to get Fishing Stick)
  13. Combine Fishing Stick with Gum (to get Fishing Gum)
  14. Catch green lunchbox with Fishing Gum
  15. Pick up Spoon
  16. Pick up Drinking Straw
  17. Catch yellow bottle with Fishing Gum (to get a Colored Paper)
  18. Go behind (to Islet (Back))
  19. Catch green bottle with Fishing Gum (to get a Colored Paper)
  20. Catch purple bottle with Fishing Gum (to get a Colored Paper)
  21. Catch blue bottle with Fishing Gum (to get a Colored Paper)
  22. Catch green wrapper with Fishing Gum (to get Soap in Plastic Wrapper)
  23. Use Scissor on Soap in Plastic Wrapper (to get Soap)
  24. Use Soap on big flower
  25. Click the green balloon to blow a green bubble
  26. Pick up the Green Bubble
  27. Use Drinking Straw to make the Green Bubble bigger (to get Bigger Green Bubble) (Alternatively, if you  click the green balloon again, you can get Bigger Green Bubble without using Drinking Straw)
  28. Use Plant on Bigger Green Bubble (to get Aired Bubble)
  29. Go back (to Islet (Front))
  30. Throws all of 3 Potato-es to the sun
  31. Catch Moon with Fishing Gum
  32. Go to left door (to My Bathroom)
  33. Use Aired Bubble with the water inside the dream (to Underwater)
  34. Match all the shards color with the color of the Colored Paper-s you have based on its shape (Note: Each gameplay, all the color will be different)
  35. Go to the yellow light (to Underwater (Deeper))
  36. Pick up the most right Thick Stick 
  37. Combine Moon with Thick Stick (to get Hammer Moon)
  38. Go back (to Underwater)
  39. Break the rock plug with Hammer Moon
  40. Go to surface (to My Bathroom)
  41. Use Spoon on the rock shards which plugged the water
  42. Congratulation! You won the game!

  • In Underwater, try to find a very small blue dot to get Sea Cookie. It can be obtained after solving the color shards puzzle. This also give 150 bonus points and 25% bonus final score.
  • In My Bathroom, pick up the Rubber Duck into the dream. It has no purposes in puzzle gameplay, but it will give extra 50 bonus points at the end of the game.
  • In Islet (Front), pick up the Red Marble. It has no purposes at all and it doesn't give bonus point. It is just for a distraction.

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